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22 Oct 09 | Re: A suggestion that has the X-factor

Overcome album cover by Alexandra Burke

The phrase “X-Factor winner” is a bit limiting, since really we’re all winners when it comes to the popular entertainment showcase. Nonetheless, the vaguely tiresome Alexandra Burke was last year’s actual X-Factor winner, and the time is coming for her to release her album, Overcome.

That’s not a bad title. It has a double meaning: has she overcome the odds to get where she is, or is it she that is overcome with the emotion of getting there? But I have a better suggestion, if it’s not too late for those record company people to change it.

If I were in charge, I would play off her initials, AB - looking ahead to her long-term career, I’d aim to give all her albums titles starting with those letters. This debut would be ABsolute. The second one, as her career gained momentum, would be ABility, and then the third would be the triumphant, possibly hubristic AB-domination, which could have a raunchy cover photo where she had a bare midriff.

Then, since Alex is a pop act, it would be time for the best-of, which would be ABridged. After that a pop star usually wants to have more control so they can make a really personal album, which would be ABsorbed.

That’s the first five years of the career planned out. I got the idea from the prog band ASIA, who called their albums Asia, Alpha, Astra, Aura, Arena and so on, making a nicely coherent body of work over the course of the 80s (now touring with the original line-up!). Alexandra Burke should take note.

Pic from Popjustice - hope that’s OK


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