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19 Oct 09 | Re: Effusive recommendation

Billie the Vision and the Dancers are a brilliant Swedish band. Apparently they have a cult following in Sweden, but they’re little-known in this country. Nevertheless, they are brilliant.

They play upbeat, mainly acoustic based indie-pop, with wonderfully individual, funny lyrics and an infectious spark that crackles through every song. It’s not easy for a support act to steal the show at a gig, but I saw them supporting the Pipettes, never having heard of them, and they stole the show. I got their album The World According to Pablo, on which every track is amazing. This was over a year ago, so this panegyric isn’t post-gig euphoria.

They have a MySpace, and they’re also on Spotify. You should check them out.

Posted by BRAD STORCH at 20:13

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