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Vaz slams Blair

9 Oct 09 | Re: Expertise-sharing philosophy

Last week Keith Vaz, the Labour MP for Keith Vaz, criticised the latest thinking on school leadership, which says that schools that aren’t doing well should be federated with schools that are, so that the successful heads can work their magic on the tough schools. Vaz thinks it’s a rubbish idea, and compared it to “Britain lending its Prime Minister to Rwanda for two days a week”.

Well, now a TES letter from David Russell, the director of Survivors Fund, has pointed out that the illustrious Tony Blair already acts as an adviser to President Kagame of Rwanda. This is superb news, and quite a coup for Kagame! Keith Vaz may pooh-pooh the idea, but I can only imagine the wide-ranging and wholly beneficial Blair-inspired reforms that might be in motion. I expect President Kagame’s children are preparing to move into a nice new dodgy flat in Bristol at this very moment.

Posted by KING JEROBOAM at 13:26

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