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Quiz question 15

6 Oct 09 | Re: Trivia more trivial than ever

Time, now, for the fifteenth installment in this series of quiz questions. If you like, you can always email me the answers to these using the email link in my sidebar on the right. I will respond in a warm and welcoming manner.

First for this week, the answer to question 14. Highlight the white area below to see it:

Good King Wenceslas was a king of Bohemia. A turbo-charged, hearty, miracle-working king. Bohemia is in the modern-day Czech Republic, so if you said Czech Republic you can also have the point, even though as a republic the Czech Rep obviously can’t actually have an actual king.

And now for today’s question. It’s: Which state of the USA contains a town called Truth or Consequences?

The answer will appear here next week.

Posted by DUDE LOVE at 14:29

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