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Hey! You’re that Steve Brookstein!

5 Oct 09 | Re: Paper-thin talent show disguise

Just seen The X Factor for the first time this year, and I must say Steve Brookstein must have had nerves of steel to put on that ridiculous afro wig and enter the same competition a second time. But even if he manages to beat poor Louis’ latest Oirish no-hopers and all the other ten acts, what makes him think he’ll do any better out of it? If Simon didn’t see fit to give him the Leona Lewis/Ryan Tedder treatment first time round, why would he pull out the stops this time?

So come on, “Jamie Afro”, get the wig off, admit you’re Steve B and let’s see the real story of this year’s talent contest start to play out.

Posted by THE AMAZING MUMFORD at 19:45

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