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26 Sep 09 | Re: Improbably stretched-out start-to-the-season

Eamonn Holmes

I hardly dare mention it, but to the amazement of Harry Redknapp and everyone else, Spurs’ pinch-yourself start to the season is still going on, looking almost as stretched-out as Peter Crouch. The last two matches (in all competitions, as people like to sneeringly say) have been 5-1 and 5-0, three forwards are all banging them in and everything is rosy and Jim.

So we have to ask, is it possible to finish in the top four without beating any of the big four? Is it morally acceptable to do so? Because realistically, that’s what’s going to have to happen. It’s actually looking quite good since all teams have now dropped points except Man City, and I’ll eat my hat if they can keep it up. Let’s hear it for more thrashings of rubbish teams (no disrespect, kids) from Spurs and more royal slip-ups from everyone else.

PS Watching the highlights of Spurs v Preston, including Crouch’s backheel volley, I wonder if Spurs have been playing too much Pro Evo - four of the five goals could have been clips from the game. I like to think of the Pro Evo programmers getting a little frisson when they see an especially PE-type goal on the TV.

Thanks once again to Garry Knight for the pic. Licence here.

Posted by FRANK T GRISWOLD III at 21:06

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