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21 Sep 09 | Re: Soundalike DJs here we go

Great news for fans of Scott Mills in the new Radio 1 daytime line-up. You still get your three hours of Scott from 4 to 7, but now you can also warm up for that with another three hours of everyone’s favourite Scott-alike Greg James. So long as they don’t listen too closely, the millions of Mills’s minions can now enjoy Mills-based radio or a reasonable facsimile of it from 1 to 7 every day - that’s 30 hours a week.

Additionally, this provides further evidence that Radio 1 is mutating into Radio 2: I used to think Terry Wogan’s show went on for a similar length of time because I couldn’t tell the difference between the him and Ken Bruce.

Posted by JOSE IDO DEL SAGRARIO at 13:06

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