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Toussaint and his Patwa Swagga

18 Sep 09 | Re: Generous freebie in a raggamuffin style

Chaka Demus

Wyclef Jean sure is good to his fans. On his blog you can currently download something called the Patwa Swagga Mixtape. This turns out to be an hour of Clef and some Jamaican-sounding friends of his singing and rapping over various reggaed-up drum machines and half-inched Caribbean classics, saying “warriors” a lot and generally having a whale of a time. One track is a refix of Ini Kamoze. Another is basically a Chaka Demus and Pliers song played in its entirety (pictured: Chaka Demus). Perhaps best of all, at one point Clef finally revisits his Fugee catchphrase “One time!”. I have been waiting roughly a decade for him to say that again.

For the purposes of this project, Wyclef has re-christened himself Toussaint St Jean. You have to admire the guy.

PS Thanks to Chris Salmon in the Guardian for tipping me off.

Thanks to Korall for the pic. Licence here.

Posted by DAVID DUNDAS at 21:36

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