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Quiz question 9

25 Aug 09 | Re: Trivia is back baby

Right, I am now back with another quiz installment. Two weeks ago, I asked who the last Pope to originate a name was. Highlight the void below and the answer will spring from the ether.

As it turns out, the Papal name tradition is incredibly well-rooted. To get to a Pope with a new name you have to go back over 1000 years to Pope Landus (or Lando), a non-entity who sailed the Holy See for a few months in the years 913-914. However, there were no subsequent Landuses. To find the last originator of what you’d really think of as a Papal name you have to go back even further, to St Nicholas I, who was Pontifex Maximus in the ninth century and gave his name to four successors.

So Landus or Lando is the right answer, but if you guessed Nicholas you can have the point as well.

And now for this week’s poser: Which drink’s name means green in Japanese?

Answer next week...

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