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Quiz question 6

28 Jul 09 | Re: Continuing trivia challenge

Tuesday comes round again, and that can mean only one thing: the recurrence of quiz. First, readers, it’s my job to furnish you with last week’s answer. It’s located somewhere in the empty bit below, which you need to highlight:

The third member of Chas and Dave is the drummer. You can have a point for drummer, and a bonus point if you knew his name was Mick (Mick Burt). A highlight of any Chas and Dave performance is Mick’s drum solo, heralded by cries of “Come on Mick, give it some stick!”

This week’s question is on politics: Who was the British Foreign Secretary at the time of our post-September 11th invasion of Iraq?

Tune in next week, same bat-blog, for the answer.

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