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Banana and orange

28 Jul 09 | Re: Half-remembered poems

Some years ago I went to the Edinburgh Festival and saw a show called Planet Banana. In fact it was so good I went to see it twice. It was a mixture of circus, comedy, music, dance and a couple of modern poems, all about bananas. It also featured an accordion player called Corn Mo who was brilliant - I always thought he’d be perfect for a May Ball.

I thought of one of the poems today, so here’s the start of it, or maybe all of it, from memory, not quite right but close enough:

Everybody knows
That you cannot put bananas
In the refrigerator
But did you know
Actually you can?
If you have a bunch of bananas
And no time
And no friends
Take your bananas
And put them directly in the refrigerator.
You will notice that the skin goes brown
Very quickly
But the inside
Of the banana
Will remain fresh
For several weeks.

And as a bonus for double the culture, here’s a rap from Digitiser, Channel 4 teletext’s legendary 1990s computer games pages, about Robert Kilroy-Silk:

Yo, Kilroy-Silk is in da house
Sorting out problems like a man not a mouse
He sorts out issues
Like a box of tissues
He’s got orange skin
And he prays to Vishnu.

More poetry when I get round to it.

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