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Quiz question 4

14 Jul 09 | Re: Yet more trivia

It’s Tuesday again, quiz people, so that means another question for you. But first I need to give you the answer to last week’s challenge. Highlight the seemingly empty area just below and lo, it will appear:

Actually this is a bit ambiguous. According to the Guinness Book of British Hit Singles, Lulu’s real name is Marie Lawrie. That means that in her double life as Lulu she may not actually have a surname at all, or she might have invented one that only exists in her own head. I’m going to give a point to anyone who said Lawrie, and to anyone who said she doesn’t have one.

And now, roll on question 4:

What links the following: A Streetcar Named Desire; an England rugby captain; an England football captain; an archangel; the Viaduc de Millau?

Answer in seven days’ time.

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