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I know that I look a bit local

9 Jul 09 | Re: Delightful new expression

I recently read a journalist (Jude Rogers in the Guardian?) enthusing about Dizzee Rascal’s delightful new track Holiday. Jude (if it was she) was right - it’s excellent. Her favourite bit was where he talks about his passport photo; she quoted the lyric:

“Don’t watch my passport photo / I know that I look a bit local”

I remembered this on a recent train journey and spent about half an hour chuckling to myself as I imagined Dizzee’s passport with him looking ‘a bit local’, perhaps in a garishly striped woolly turtleneck jumper.

I’ve heard the song on the radio a couple of times since then (it really is bangin’) and I’m now pretty sure Britain’s biggest urban music star actually says ‘a bit loco’. Shame, but that’s not going to stop me using the excellent new word LOCAL the next time I see someone or something that merits it.

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