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29 Jun 09 | Re: Counterproductive loudmouth media health guy

Look! Some keyhole surgery guy has gone in the media and started moaning because about three famous people don’t conform to his body-fascist standards. He says:

Eamonn Holmes

“The increasing profile of larger celebrities, for example James Corden, Eamonn Holmes, Ruth Jones and Beth Ditto, means that being overweight is now perceived as being ‘normal’ in the eyes of the public.”

Great one! First of all, mate, look around you: being overweight is normal, and not everyone who weighs above average is unhealthy. And secondly, Eamonn Holmes isn’t even fat, just pleasantly rounded, like a genial uncle, and he’s been around for ages. To my knowledge he hasn’t ballooned in weight recently - maybe the Prof has just got one of those widescreen TVs and thinks that the whole of medialand has suddenly been taken over by an army of stocky people with weirdly flat heads.

I shan’t bother going into the obvious stuff about body image - this story is clearly the product of a slow news day, and anyone can see that Mr Nuffield Health is wrong. But calling Eamonn Holmes fat - come off it!

Thanks to Garry Knight for the pic. Licence here.

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