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Can’t he get some better fitting clothes?

28 Jun 09 | Re: Itchy tennis gear

Here’s what the Australian tennis terrier Lleyton Hewitt did just before playing and winning the final point in his fourth round match against Philipp Petzschner yesterday:

Remove hat, shake hair, replace hat, arrange hair, check hat, take towel, towel off hands, towel racket, towel face, return towel, pull up shorts, adjust shirt, wipe brow and face, wipe brow with other hand, adjust hat, pull up shorts again.

He’s not the only player to go through all this rigmarole between points, but he is one of the masters of it and I think he may have popularised it in the modern era. It’s all very well, and it certainly works well for Rafa Nadal, but it does reflect badly on the kit sponsors (Lleyton’s is Yonex, I believe). Who is going to play in that kit if the most famous person who wears it clearly feels so uncomfortable and itchy all the time?

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