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XKCD is good

23 Jun 09 | Re: Webcomic recommendation

If you don’t know about it already, I recommend the webcomic XKCD. Some of the ‘specials’ on there are stunning - I particularly like the logarithmic drawing of the entire universe here. As well as innovative pictures like that one, the bulk of it is made up of stick men saying and doing things. There is a fair amount of maths in it, but in a generally good way: I never knew that eπ.i = -1 for example - cool eh?

As with all webcomics, it looks really good when you first find it and look at loads of them, and then tails off a bit when you start looking at it regularly and the new ones don’t live up to the absolute best old ones and the thrill of discovery. If you can, the best thing is to spend ten minutes now, then forget about it and discover it again in the future.

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